User Groups

DCCS User Groups

Your investment in User Group membership is small compared to the invaluable return you can expect from participation. You will learn to use the information from your DCCS system in a way you never thought possible.

The meetings are designed with you in mind. We meet three times a year and structure these group meetings to maximize the valuable time you spend away from your business. Membership is directly related to your contributions, what you put into it. A give and take setting and platform for select DCCS Windows users to bring their best individual game and struggles, share these experiences and advance their knowledge.

  • Learn how to get the most out of your DCCS system
  • Meet key leaders in the Industry
  • DCCS staff interaction and Q&A
  • Identify habits and profiles of your customers
  • Steer DCCS product development

“Joining a DCCS User Group was the best thing to happen to us for getting the most out of our computer system and growing our business.  We wouldn’t miss a meeting.”  That’s what Gary and Keh McCracken of Clothesline Cleaners in Boise,Idaho said about the DCCS User Group. 

With the ease of DCCS Windows, users have learned to create additional reports, identify customer habits, maintain database accuracy, prevent theft through cash and inventory control, and how best to use the system for the best marketing results.  Of course, there’s always time for discussion of each company’s specific issues with a DCCS representative.

For more information contact Lenny Gershater at 610-275-6090, Ext 109 or