Ticket Writing

Ticket Writing

Easy to understand keys and an uncluttered screen lets your CSR’s navigate through the Ticket Writing function quickly and accurately. DCCS helps you tailor fit your pricing table for maximum revenue with fewest keystrokes

This is an example of DCCS’s powerful Menu concept of pricing. Any of the Product, Color and Fabric keys can be turned into a multiple choice selection of descriptions. This gives you and your staff the opportunity to face each and every pricing situation with ease, confidence, consistency and accuracy. You are Unlimited in the quantity of your descriptions and the depth of your Menus

Unlimited Pricing Flexibility

With DCCS, you can create unlimited price lists. Our powerful Menu concept design offers you the ultimate in pricing flexibility and depth. Our ‘Freeflow’ feature allows you to describe and price on the fly. With our ‘No Value’ feature, that tailoring repair charge won’t be missed. With DCCS, upcharges and item descriptions are only limited by your imagination. Designer Labels key, custom fabrics and colors, Memo messages are all at your fingertips. Describe the garment, make the menu selections and the result is accurate and consistent pricing everytime.

Quick (Stub) Ticket or Fully Priced

With DCCS, you can create a Quick Stub or Fully Priced Ticket. Using a Quick Stub, you can capture  customer information, No. of Pieces and Promise date in less than 10 seconds. Need a fully priced ticket for your customer before they leave, DCCS performs quickly with fast touch response and simple uncluttered screens. If you offer a discounted pre-pay option to your customer, DCCS can let your CSR’s know the amount right on the screen.

Notes & Messages

With DCCS, you can attach a standard message or create your own using our Ticket Note feature. Memo messages can be permanently setup by account to appear on the screen and/or print on the Ticket to reflect specific customer preferences. Fabric disclaimers can be assigned to those items that may be at risk during the cleaning process.

Coupons & Discounts

Coupons and Discounts can be applied at Ticket Writing or later at Pickup. You can apply dollars off, percentages and assign an expiration date. DCCS Bar coded coupon program allows you to automatically issue coupons based upon sales volume or customer visits. Management reports let you know the effectiveness of the campaign so you can make better informed decisions about future promotions.