DCCS Hotel/Valet Software

The DCCS Valet package is used to write tickets for different customers under one account, such as Guests in a Hotel, but may also be used for companies or any organization that is billed for multiple individuals. 

There are two types of Valet accounts.  The first type of account is the Master Account, where each transaction is exported individually to the Accounts Receivable package.  This is used for smaller volume accounts because each transaction will show up individually on the monthly statement.  The second type of account is Batch Valet, used for hotels and larger accounts.  Instead of each individual transaction showing up on the monthly statement, only the batch numbers and totals appear.  This makes the statement more manageable for the customer. 

The Valet package includes the ability to print a manifest to assist in the distribution and billing of the garments.

By adding DCCS Accounts Receivables and Route software, you will have total control and accuracy of your billing and garment tracking.