Credit Cards

OpenEdge (formerly PayPros) Credit Card Integration

Dry Cleaning Computer Systems now offers the only comprehensive integrated payment solution for DCCS for Windows. OpenEdge delivers everything you need for convenient, secure credit card processing…

  • No Credit Card Data is Stored on the System
  • Superior Integrated Payments Technology
    The next-generation solution streamlines your internal processes, reducing overhead. PPI specialists configure your system so you're up and running quickly, smoothly and with guaranteed usability.
  • Unwavering Technical Support
    Never again ‘bounce’ between vendors when nobody knows what’s going on. PPI's free ‘Answer-the-Phone’ help desk is available 24/7/365 to answer all your payment transaction questions.
  • Better-than-Bank Merchant Services
    An integrated payment solution requires technology expertise a typical bank just can’t offer. With PPI, you receive all the support you need—including affordable merchant services—without changing bank accounts.

Cardholder data protection is an absolute necessity to protect your customers and your operation. To help you comply with PCI compliance mandates, PPI offers DCCS customers the PayPros PCI Compliance Program for Businesses. Upon completion of this program, DCCS for Windows customers will achieve PCI DSS compliance providing a layer of protection from a data security breach.

Introducing OpenEdge ‘Decline Minimizer’

OpenEdge (formerly PayPros), the industry leader for integrated payment processing, announces the availability of Decline Minimizer, a completely automated card updating service that significantly minimizes the impact of declined transactions.

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Benefits for Businesses

Businesses relying on recurring payments regularly experience declines due to new card issuance from lost, stolen or expired cards. Every month, operations must track down declined transactions, resulting in added costs, negative cash flow impact and lost revenue due to cancellations (occurring when businesses contact customers for card updates). Card declines can disrupt services, product delivery and customer relations. OpenEdge Decline Minimizer is unlike any other account updating service on the market.The service operates behind the scenes, automatically updating card data. The business owner does not need to think about it, but will see line-item benefits almost immediately.