Support Hours

All support and service will be provided from 8:00AM-6:30PM EST, Monday through Friday. Saturday support and Emergency calls placed after hours will be forwarded to a pager.

Support Calls and Procedures

DCCS has installed a new phone system to automatically route calls and provide faster access to the Help Desk. You will be placed directly into the support cue, no waiting, we will handle your calls as they are received.  The system will let you know what number you are in the cue and give you the option to hit 0 and leave a message. All Support calls at 610-275-6090, Dial 1.

Support Communication

In order to achieve the highest level of service, you are required to install a broadband (DSL or Cable) at your location. Broadband connections are 20 times faster than dial up. DCCS Technical support could help you with greater speed and efficiency with DSL or Cable installed at your store. Database problems that may arise are easier to resolve, transferring programs can take minutes instead of hours when a system is down. We can also support you while you still receive important calls, faxes and credit card approvals on the same line.