About Us


Experience Since 1983

DCCS has been a leader in innovative technology and software applications serving the dry cleaning industry since 1983. Founded by Herb Markman, a pioneer and innovator in computer systems for the fabricare industry, with over 30 years experience and a long list of patents and accomplishments, DCCS has grown and matured into a leading publisher of software for the dry cleaning marketplace. Our success has been based upon the recognition and acceptance of responsibility to furnish more than just a computer product. Our commitment to teach your staff about the computer and train them on how to make it work for you is a large part of our unique strength. We believe through creating a partnership and relationship with our customers, we are able to achieve and deliver a total solution to help you combat tougher competition and shrinking profit margins.

Ready to Help with Experience and Expertise

DCCS supports and services thousands of customers worldwide with the largest staff in the industry. The
majority of DCCS employees have been with the company for over ten years, giving us a stable and consistent
human resource that has contributed to company growth and an unparalleled knowledge base. DCCS offers diverse expertise from staff professionals who have extensive backgrounds and experiences in the laundry, dry cleaning and computer industries as well as expertise in marketing, operations and work flow systems.